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Antelope Electronic Signature System – Maximize your Hotel Brand Image & Productivity


Antelope eSign

Sign documents digitally for fast, secure, and paperless transactions in the hospitality industry.


Up to HKD$688 per counter!


Streamlined Check-In Processes

Antelope eSign facilitates swift hotel check-ins by enabling guests to digitally sign documents like Registration Cards, Folios, and Receipts on tablets. This reduces wait times, minimizes paperwork, and boosts front desk efficiency, significantly enhancing guest satisfaction from arrival.


One-way update to PMS system

eSign automatically updates collected data in Hotel Property Management Systems (PMS), enhancing operational efficiency in hotels. Reservations and profiles stored in the PMS are transferred to eSign system and the tablet for guests to sign. This streamlined process saves time from searching file manually and minimizes errors, signficantly improving overall service delivery.


Enhanced Security and Compliance

eSign technology ensures superior security for hotels, encrypting and securely storing all guest data in private cloud or on-premises with strong firewall protection. This facilitates a reliable audit trail and simplifies GDPR compliance, significantly reducing the risk of paper document loss and meeting global standards effortlessly.


Enhanced Data Management & Analysis

Antelope workspace securely stores all collected data, offering powerful tools for management, reporting, and analysis. This centralized platform not only consolidates data indices but is also user-friendly, supporting various business functions — from developing targeted marketing campaigns to producing insightful reports. With cross-departmental access to all documents, it enhances collaboration, thereby enhancing strategic planning and informed decision-making.


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