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Asiabots helps global business with AI Communication Technology. Cloud and on-premise AI Solution that protect all your data and privacy.

Omni-channel AI customer service – AI Voicebots, AI Ambassador, AI Chatbot

AI Voicebots – Cloud-based AI call center that auto calls your customer and handles their enquiry, fully interactable with voices with integration to your PABX, PMS and Job Dispatching System.
Let your customer search faster with Voice-controlled IVR. Our AI IVR let your customer say what they’re looking for and bring them to the right place instantly.
AI Ambassador – Conversational A.I. self-service kiosk offering futuristic self-service experience.
AI Chatbot -Handle repeated enquires and routine tasks 24/7 online
Give your customer quick and convenient support through multiple online channels. Relief your support team and let them to devote to more complicated task.

Multilingual with mixed language capability

With our AI’s laguage processing model, it can understand English, Chinese, or any language by request. It also supports creole language, understanding dialog with mixed language usage.

A.I. Chatbot is compatible to integrate with comprehensive CRM, CMS, membership, booking, POS, E-commerce system.
Support a wide range of online channel

Let people reach your business in where they usually visit. You can deploy our A.I. Chatbot on various channels, including Whatsapp, Signal, FB messagers, Instagram, Wechat, and your company’s website / app.