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Gumption Ventures Limited


Gumption Ventures is the strategic advisory firm that transcends the travel & hospitality industry of Hong Kong into sustainable ESG journey.  The hotel solutions that we offer is

ESG Assessment & Certification (Global Impact)

ESG Reporting ( for Listed Hotel Group)

Social Impact Outsourcing ( We emphasis and deliver on “S” Impact to your hotel ESG goals)

Meanwhile, we are the Expert on OpenAI ChatGPT to enable Hospitality Professionals into cost effiency process, such as:

Automate the Seasonal Marketing & Promotion Content with new gimmicks

Automate the seasonal F&B menu and service offering with great intelligence,

Automate the social media channels content and create focal digital marketing impactto your communities.

Last but not least, our Web3 Team is the renowned specialists on uplifting your Hotel Membership status from a Physical Plastic Card with Mobile APPs into NFT Membership Package with Luxury Lifestyle Perks and Exclusive Benefits.

To learn more, please feel free to whatsapp our customer service: +852 5178 7127

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