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Quali-Kleen | Exclusive Dealer of LionsBot Cleaning Robot


Quali-Kleen is the exclusive dealer in Hong Kong & Macau for “LionsBot” Cleaning Robots

  • Manufactured in Singapore
  • Robots are designed based on the needs of Professional Cleaners
  • We provide comprehensive after-sales-service support and customized cleaning solutions to maximize the capabilities of every robot.  Our LionsBot are built for high performance, with the revolutionary cleaning systems in our robots along with impressive energy and water management for efficient, powerful results that out clean the competition.

We are also available with TORK, a Global No.1 profesional hygiene brand with toilet rolls, paper towels, soaps, kitchen wipers and sanitizers to professional environments and workplaces in the commercial, manufacturing and industrial sectors across Hong Kong & Macau, as well as a complete selection of Food Grade products in hospitality industry, healthcare, facility management and educational segments.