Association Activities

Hong Kong Hotels Association 60th Anniversary Mini Website Goes Live!


We are pleased to announce the Hong Kong Hotels Association (established in 1961) has entered into its 60th anniversary. We would like to thank our member hotels for their unwavering support and contributions to the Association for the continuous development of the hotel industry which plays a vital role to cope with the burgeoning tourism development in Hong Kong through the years.

The first programme is the launching of a dedicated mini website:, which outlined the 60th anniversary programmes. To commemorate our achievements and contributions of the hotel sector to the tourism industry and the economy, we have selected 6 past chairmen, each representing a decade of hotel industry development from 1961-2020. Each chairman will be presenting a glimpse into their historical pasts. The stories are featured under ‘Key Moments’ of the mini website.

Moreover, the HKHA working committees (Credit, Hotel Engineers, Executive Housekeepers, Human Resources, Security), will be presenting their scope of work and skill sets that are essential to the success in hotel industry development. Also featured under ‘Key Moments’.

The mini website also incorporated a ‘photo gallery’ to showcase the archived as well as recent photos, reflecting different stages of hotel industry development. We welcome and encourage our members to share some of your special moments via email:

For event details and latest update, please visit our dedicated mini website and click “Event Calendar” for information.