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Press Release by Hong Kong Hotels Association


Press Release – In response to the Government tightening social distancing measures in view of the latest epidemic situation


We write on behalf of 141 members of the Hong Kong Hotels Association (HKHA) to express our resigned feelings about the Government re-imposing the strictest social distancing measures, starting this Friday.


It seems like the new announcement of tightening measures is exaggerated without a well-laid plan.  Same as before, the hotel industry is not consulted, and our voice had no opportunity to be heard.


The hotel industry has always been supportive of government initiatives and fully complied with government rules and regulations to stop the spreading of the COVID-19 virus in the city.  Moreover, we have more than 40 hotels that participated in the Designated Quarantine Hotels Scheme initiated by the Government.


Chinese New Year (CNY) is the most significant business season for the hotel industry.  Hotel operators have grave concerns about the new measures that will cause a devastating impact on the CNY bookings of hotel F&B and rooms.


We sincerely plead for government subsidies, to safeguard the livelihood of all existing full-time hotel employees and the survival of the hotel industry.



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