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Anti-deception Crime Alert


Recently, we received members’ reports on suspected fraud cases relating to hotel booking.  The unusual low-rate offers attracted the eyeballs of potential consumers through social media.  The consumers will receive a formal confirmation once they confirm the booking and make the Payment, and the confirmation eventually turns out to be faked when they check in at the hotels.

To protect the public, the Hong Kong Police have made a list of “High-risk Goods for Online Shopping Rankings,” while the “Hotel package” is at the top of the scam cases.  Public members should pay particular attention when purchasing a hotel package on social media.  Booking via the hotel’s official website or reputable channels is always safer.  To step up the preventive measures, the Hong Kong Police recently launched an anti-fraud search engine – “Scameter,” on the website of CyberDefender for public access.  Please visit for details.