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Trade Consultation for Policy Address – Arts & Culture, Sports and Tourism


HKHA Chairman attended the Policy Address Consultation Meeting (online) hosted by the Chief Secretary for Administration on 23 August 2023 (today).

At the meeting, Chairman is the first one to speak. He proposed six initiatives:

1) Tourism Development Blueprint Update

The Tourism Commission published the first Tourism Development Blueprint in 2017 when tourism was independent from Culture & Sports. The industry needs a blueprint that integrates Culture, Sports, and Tourism, which has been under one Bureau in the new Government structure since July 2022.

2) Differentiate Hong Kong from Mainland Cities

In tourism development, Hong Kong should differentiate itself from Mainland cities by leveraging its unique East meets West cultural value, which significantly appeals to both Mainland and international visitors.

3) Capitalise the Uniqueness of Victoria Harbour

This is Hong Kong’s most valuable asset as a tourism product. Suggest Government centralise resources to design a world-class integrated harbour and waterfront sustainable tourism programme. Invite participation and contribution of developers, highlighting the unparallel appeal and value of Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour as a must-visit and a top-class attraction.

4) Policy Review – IVS Cities and 144-hours Visa Free to Guangdong Cities

4.1 Senior Government delegation to visit China National Tourism Administration for policy review regarding opening more IVS cities (49) to identify potential IVS cities to generate incremental arrivals.

4.2 Senior Government delegation to visit the Tourism Administration of Guangdong Province to enhance 144-hour visa-free facilitation to international visitors to enable a full-scale promotion of multi-destination.

5) Engage Stakeholders, Trade, and Movie/TV Stars to Discover the Tourism Potential of 18-Districts and Create New Photo-taking Spots

Fully capture the tourism gems of the 18 districts to enrich visitors’ in-depth tourism experience in Hong Kong. Create new and lesser-known photo-taking spots. Involve the presence of local movie/TV stars to promote at various locations.

6) Step up Trade and Stakeholder Engagement

Model the current Tourism Recovery Strategy Group and split it into separate working groups to focus on individual KPIs. Ensure respective stakeholders and trade members are fully involved and updated on the development progress of each vital task assigned.