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About Limited is a Hong Kong-based company that specializes in developing innovative mobile applications for the hospitality industry. The company has created a suite of mobile applications that cater to the needs of hotel guests and staff. These applications include:

  • Aitrago LMS: A digital luggage management system that streamlines the process of baggage drop-off, storage, retrieval and delivery. Available on Google Play.
  • VPS Valet Parking: A digital valet parking system that simplifies the parking and retrieval of vehicles for hotel guests, integrating with the operations of front desk, F&B, meetings and banquets. Available on Google Play and Apple AppStore.
  • Digital Tipping: A web-based mobile application that enables hotel guests to tip the staff conveniently and securely.
  • Chatbot and Digital Guest Services: A web-based mobile application that provides hotel guests with instant and personalized assistance and information. Limited has successfully implemented its digital luggage management system and digital valet parking system in hotels with various sizes and service levels in Hong Kong, including the New World Millennium Hong Kong Hotel, AKI HongKong MGallery, Novotel Century Hong Kong, and Hotel 1936. The company has also made significant improvements to its digital luggage management system, introducing a new workflow that offers:

  • No more waiting for the guests with faster and smoother baggage drop-off and retrieval.
  • Operating with mobile duty phones allows staff to work without being limited by their location.
  • An eco-friendly and cost effective solution that features paperless records, reusable luggage tags, and electronic luggage claim receipts.
  • Accurate and reliable estimation of storage space availability and allocation.
  • Automated alert messages and custom actions enhance communication and efficiency among staff without the need for multiple platforms.
  • Improved hotel image with a unique and memorable guest experience.
  • An active channel for guests to tip staff.
  • Resolve labor shortage and save costs.
  • Intuitive design eliminates the need of training and IT support.

Digital tipping is free for hotels, all mobile applications can be subscribed to on an inexpensive and flexible annual fee. A special discount will be offered to HKHA members.

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