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30 years of introducing and promoting innovative technology products.

Delta Pyramax Co., Ltd was founded in 1983. The idea was to improve the human living and working environment with worldwide sourcing. The commitment was to provide the highest quality, technology and most economic value products to our customers. Developed more than 30 years ago, this philosophy is still the fundamental operating principle of Delta Pyramax today. Delta Pyramax Co., Ltd is the only regional distributor of Viega in Hong Kong.

Brazing v.s. Pressing

Viega (Germany) Profipress is suitable for copper pipe (WSD approved) while Megapress is suitable for black steel pipe connection (FM  approved) in HVAC and Fire services application.


  1. No hot works, increases safety
  2. No soldering
  3. No LEAD risk
  4. Double press protection
  5. Connecting size from 12 to 108mm for copper & black steel pipes
  6. No skilful labour required
  7. Save lots of time (up to 75%)
  8. Leakage free
  9. Max working pressure 16 bar @99 oC
  10. BIM compatible

Viega Profipress video – for copper pipe


Viega Megapress video – for steel pipe