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Hong Kong Water Solution Limited


Hong Kong Water Solution Limited (HKWS), a member of the LBS Group, is one of the largest clean water product and water management service companies in Hong Kong. Founded in 2014, HKWS aims to provide cleaner, clearer and sustainable drinking water solutions to commercial, catering and food service customers.

Recently, hotels are looking for drinking water solutions to meet current ESG and green requirements, and the government’s planning to accelerate the legislation on plastic ban for hotels in the sale and free distribution of plastic-bottled water is expected to be implemented at the fourth quarter of 2023.

The hospitality industry is one of the largest water consumers. A hotel that houses 300 guests will go through approximately 60,000 gallons of water – every day! The average hotel room will use almost 200 gallons of water per day. With so much water being used, hospitality services need to make sure that their water is safe for consumption.

HKWS aims to provide sustainable drinking water solutions to the market, by doing water filtration without wastage water, hot and cold water dispenser and drinking water station, and ionized water…etc. Kicking out such plastic habits with “Less bottled water” encourages environmental sustainability. Apart from filtered water solutions, HKWS’s latest sparkling water solutions also provide fresh, clean, clear and great taste carbonated water especially for restaurants and bars.

HKWS is the member of Business Environment Council, Green Council SME member, and also approved to join the “ESG+ Pledge Scheme” , to make improvement in performance related to environment, social responsibility and governance by making action commitments and working together to create a sustainable future. And HKWS’s Filtered water and Sparkling water solutions is certified by SDG Impact Council and found to be in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals Framework in Clean Water and Sanitation.

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