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Pinewood Store Limited


Pinewood Store believes in a simple idea:

→ “The Best Nordic Food Wholesaler.”

To those who savor every bite, those who treat eating food as an adventure, and those who want fresh and pure ingredients, Pinewood Store has a message: it’s all here.

→“最適合您的日常生活。”對於那些細味每一口,把品嚐食物當作一種冒險的人,以及那些想要新鮮純淨食材的人,Pinewood Store想告訴大家:一切都在這裡。

Pinewood Store 榮幸地被Business Sweden 指定為戰略合作夥伴,並將攜手在香港和澳門推廣“ Try Swedish”。

通過這次合作,Pinewood Store希望進口更多的瑞典產品,令更多的人能享受美味而高質量瑞典美食, 感受當地豐富的文化。

Brand: Aqua Nobel 【Paper Pack Alkaline Water】

*Found by Swedish Famous Ice Hockey Player

*High Protein

*Low Sugar

*High Fiber

*No Palm Oil

*Lactose Free

*Plant Based and Vegan

*Great choices for breakfast, snacks and energy supplementary after exercise in an easy ‘Grab and go’ way

*Official Snacks and Energy Supplementary Food for Swedish National Team in Paris Olympics Game 2024


Pasta Toscana – Classic 頂級杜蘭小麥意粉

Spaghetti no. 6

Linguine no. 9

Fusilli no. 85

Penne Rigate no. 98

Farfalle no. 201

Aqual Nobel 頂級天然鹼性礦泉水 (紙盒水包裝水紙包水)