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Richform Holdings Limited was founded in 1998 and has got a foothold in Hong Kong for 25 years. It has been endeavoring to provide high-quality drinking water systems and related products. We are the Master Distributor of US Pentair Everpure water filtration products in Hong Kong and Macau. Everpure products have been certified by NSF International in the US, indicating that strict standards for public health protection have been met.

Recently, the Legislative Council has passed the bill for regulating disposable plastic products. The first-phase regulation is going to be implemented from 22 April 2024, which includes the ban on free distribution of in-room plastic-bottled water and disposable toiletries. Before the bill was passed, many hotels had already installed our water filtration systems in guest rooms.

‘Say NO to Plastic Bottles’ is one of the main projects we are currently working on. We offer different Green Solutions to hotel industry for going bottle-free in order to reduce plastic waste and lower carbon footprint. These solutions cover various locations, and are eco-friendly, hygienic and cost-effective, with reduction in manpower and storage space. ‘Green Hotel’ image can also enhance competitive and grow your business.

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