Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Hotel Suppliers


Hong Kong Hotels Association (HKHA) provides related services from this website for companies in accordance with these terms. By registering to be a Hotel Supplier (HS) and using the information and/or material from this website, you declare that you and your company fulfil the requirements of a HS as stated below. You also agree to comply with and be bound by the Terms of Use and other applicable terms and conditions stipulated on this website.

You agree to maintain and promptly update your company’s information to ensure its accuracy. If the information you have provided becomes inaccurate or is discovered to be untrue, or if you violate the terms and conditions of your registration or use of this website, your company name will automatically be delisted and your use of this website terminated.

You agree that the HKHA can use the information that you provide for processing the listing or registration you applied for, and internal administration, marketing, promotions, research and statistical purposes.

You also grant the HKHA permission to share this information with HKHA’s member hotels, agents, contractors or third-party service providers as part of its business operations and agree that information provided by you may be displayed on this website for sharing with other HS(s).

General Requirements

  1. Your company is duly registered, incorporated or otherwise validly exists under the laws of Hong Kong and holds all necessary and valid licenses and permits for the operation of its business.
  2. Your company must be involved in providing products and/or services to hotels in Hong Kong.
  3. There have not been any justified complaints made against your company within the period of 12 months before the date hereof to the HKHA, the Consumer Council or other relevant bodies or authorities, including but not limited to the Hong Kong Police, Customs and Excise Department, and for which your Company had received a negative judgment.
  4. Your company undertakes to inform the HKHA upon its receipt of any notice of such complaint.
  5. Your company understands that if three of any such complaints are received within a period of 12 months at any time, its name will be automatically delisted unless it is shown by your company to the satisfaction of the HKHA that such complaints are unsubstantiated or otherwise unjustified.
  6. Your company provides good quality services and maintains ethical standards of business at all times and is co-operative in resolving complaints from customers.
  7. Your company undertakes to provide the HKHA with all information and documents in relation to this application as and when required by the HKHA, failing which this application may be rejected or your company’s name may be delisted at any time.
  8. Your company undertakes to inform the HKHA of any change of circumstances which renders the above information untrue or inaccurate.
  9. Your company understands that its name will be automatically delisted if it is found that any of the information in this declaration is or at any time becomes untrue or inaccurate, or any condition imposed by the HKHA in respect of the listing or registration applied for is breached.
  10. Your company understands that the HKHA may in its sole and absolute discretion, without prior notice, accept or reject this application, and may impose or waive at any time any conditions it deems necessary in respect of the listing or registration applied for, and may delete or remove your company’s name from the list or registration at any time.

Limitation and Exclusion of Liability

HKHA will maintain the normal operation of the system and services in accordance with generally practical techniques and methods, but we do not guarantee that the data uploaded or transmitted by you will be displayed or processed normally, nor the accuracy of the data transmission.  Please notify us immediately if you find an error or defect in the system.

HKHA cannot guarantee 100% security of Internet data transmission, and we cannot fully guarantee the security of files or data sent or received by member hotels.  Except for those caused by our intentional or gross negligence, we will not be liable for any damages caused by the error or defect in our system or the failure, loss or error in the transmission or storage of mails, files or data.

For the content posted by HS on this website, HKHA does not have any identification obligation, and such content does not represent the views of this website.  HS shall bear legal responsibility for the content they posted.


(Updated 1st December 2022)