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Century Field International Ltd


Century Field International Ltd. is committed to the distribution of high-quality home life, consumer electronics and personal care products. Our business covers Hong Kong and Macau, and the scale has continued to grow and develop in the past 10 years. We operate more than 1,500 products and cover different market levels.

Relying on our advantages in product positioning and extensive sales channels, we have successfully obtained the agency rights of the world-renowned brand Philips of their water filtration products in Hong Kong and Macau.

Recently, the government plans to speed up consultation and legislation on the ban on hotel sales and free distribution of plastic bottled water, which is expected to be implemented in the April of 2024. In view of this, we work with Philips to provide sustainable drinking water solutions, through non-installation RO table filter water dispensers, RO filter water floor dispensers, etc., to reduce bottled water and meet ESG and green requirements, improve Hotel image and service.

Currently we are serving some notable brands in the industry, namely the Auberge Discovery Bay Hong Kong, Hyatt Group, Marriott group, Grand Hyatt Macau, and so on.

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